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自民党総裁選挙 the LDP presidential election

“The LDP presidential race officially kicked off on Sept. 8, with 3 candidates.”


議院内閣制(日・独・伊) parliamentary cabinet system, parliamentary system of government

大統領制(アメリカ他)  presidential system, presidential government

政治 politics

政治家 politician

政策 policy 政党 

political party

憲法 constitution

国会 the Diet

内閣 Cabinet

体制、政権 regime

国会議員  a member of Diet

首相 the prime minister

内閣官房長官 the Chief Cabinet Secretary

官僚 bureaucrat

省 Ministry

大臣 minister

与党 the ruling party

野党 the opposition party

自民党 Liberal Democratic Party

日本共産党 Japanese Communist Party

衆議院 house of representative

参議院 house of councilors

連立 coalition

* The current Cabinet is a coalition Cabinet where the Liberal Democratic Party and Komei Party from the government. 今の政権は自民党と公明党の連立政権である

選挙 election

* He stood for an election 彼は立候補した

派閥(可算名詞) 派閥争い(不可算名詞) faction

* He distanced himself from a radical faction of the party. 彼は党の急進派から離れた

内閣解散 Dissolution of the Cabinet

* He intends to hold a dissolution of general election as soon as he is elected the LDP president. 彼は自民党総裁に選ばれたらすぐに解散総選挙を行うるもりだ

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